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    • Garry's Mod
      • Garry's Mod Prometheus Networks █ WW2 Imperial Germany RP █ RELAUNCH
      • 36 / 128
          • Map rp_prometheus_berlin_v1b
          • Protocol source
          • Percentage filling 28%
          • Most players 0
    • Discord
      • Discord Prometheus Networks █ Discord █
      • discord.gg/pncommunity
      • 303 / 303
          • Most players 594


  1. Rules & Information

    1. Announcements & Server Information

      Here you can find all the latest server announcements and info.

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    2. Community Rules   (509 visits to this link)

      You can find the global rules, game server rules, and forum rules here. You must read these before playing/posting to ensure you know what is acceptable and not.

  2. General

    1. Berlin Content   (133 visits to this link)

    2. Guides & Information

      This section contains information and guides for the server.

    3. General Discussion

      Here you can discuss anything related to our ImperialRP server or community.

    4. Suggestions

      Do you have an idea on how we can improve our server? Let us know here!

  3. Applications

    1. Staff Applications

      Apply to join our staff team here!

    2. Trusted Applications

      Apply to be a trusted member here!

    3. Criminal Organization Applications

      Apply for a criminal organization here!

  4. Appeals

    1. Ban Appeals

      Feel you've been unjustly banned or want to apologize? Make an appeal here.

    2. PK Appeals

      Feel your character was unjustly PK'd? Make an appeal here.

    3. Flag Appeals

      Have you had any flags taken away from you and feel it was unjust or want to apologize? Appeal it here.

  5. Reports

    1. Staff Reports

      Has a staff member done something wrong? Report them here.

    2. Player Reports

      Has a player done something wrong or broken a rule? Report them here.

    3. Bug Reports

      Found something that shouldn't be? Report it here and we'll get it fixed.


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